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My Offerings To You

(in-person or remote)

Custom Energy Healing Session:

This session will be customized to your needs during the time of your session. Deb will listen and hold gentle space for you while you express what is currently “up” for you on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level. Based on this information, you and Deb will work together to determine what modalities would best support you during this session.  

Your custom session will include one or more of the following healing modalities: 

  • Biofield Tuning

  • Full Spectrum Healing

  • Crystal Healing

  • Reiki

  • Channeled Message

Modality Descriptions

Biofield Tuning: (See FAQ)

  • Are you ready to break down the walls that are holding you back and let your true self shine through?

  • Do you want to shatter the patterns of the past and embrace your future with energy, passion, and enthusiasm?

Biofield Tuning can help bring your system back into balance on a physical, mental, and emotional level.  In this transformational sound therapy (using tuning forks), experiences and life-long patterns "stuck" in the energy field can be cleared and reincorporated back into the body to help release stress and bring back balance, clarity and well-being. 

  • What if you could re-integrate stuck energy from past experiences in your life that are holding you back?

  • How would it feel to speak your truth, set clear boundaries, and ask for your wants and needs?

Are you ready to make that commitment to yourself to start your journey of healing?

I am here for you and would be honored to help you down that path.

Full Spectrum Healing, Reiki, Crystal Healing(See FAQ)

  • Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

  • Are you afraid to slow down because you just might crash?

  • Do you cycle through periods of keeping it together and emotional breakdowns?

Energy Healing is an excellent way to clear and balance your energy and release blockages from your system.  

  • What if you woke up every morning with optimism and a sense of purpose?

  • What would it be like to be able to feel your emotions in the moment and move them through your body in a healthy way?

  • What would it mean to you to have enough energy to carry you through the whole day?

Energy healing may include reiki, full spectrum healing, and the use of crystals. It can calm emotions and relieve tension and stress, with clients reporting feelings of relaxation, peace, and clarity. Take that leap of faith in yourself. You are so worthy and deserve to experience joy and fulfilment in your life.

Channeled Message:

Included in each session is a personalized message, channeled through Deb, to give you loving words of guidance and encouragement.

$147 / 90min session

$411 / 3-session bundle (save $30)

*Please reach out if you are experiencing financial hardship.*

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Biofield Tuning Energy Cleansing Session:

This is a fabulous way to experience Biofield Tuning!!

  • Do you need a reset? 

  • Is the daily grind wearing you down?

  • Are you affected by other people's energy and feel the weight of the world on your shoulders?

This newly available Energy Session is JUST what you need!


This session will:

  • Clear out the blocks in your Central Channel that connects you from Source all the way to Mother Earth!

You will feel grounded, connected, and back in the "flow" of life.

  • Clear and open both the fronts and backs of your Chakras!

Stress and situations in our lives can cause our chakras to get out of wack! Let's clear out that stagnant energy and engage in life again!  You will feel clearer, calmer, more focused and have better sleep!

  • Clear out any Energy that is not "yours" from your Energy Field!

We can truly feel that we carry around the weight of the world, as well as other people's opinions and projections.  Let's clear up your field!  

You will leave feeling a lighter and brighter you!

$117 / 90min session

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Reiki Session: (See FAQ)

Reiki is a beautiful and powerful healing technique that calms and brings balance back to your system.  It is often called the frequency of Unconditional Love. Reiki taps into Universal Life Force Energy and works on all levels of healing: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. 

Can help with:

  • Relaxation

  • Pain management

  • Anxiety and Depression

  • Stress Reduction

  • Pre- and Post- Surgery Support

$97 / 60min session

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 I also offer custom healing sessions (remote) for pets and other domesticated animals.

Animal Energy Healing: (See FAQ)

Your pets are so precious to you.  They are like your children. They offer you unconditional love and are always there to give you emotional support when you need it.  But......

  • What if they are the one needing support?

  • How can you help them if they can’t tell you what is wrong?

  • What if you could help them with a non-invasive, gentle, healing session?

An Energy Healing Session can support your fur babies by helping increase relaxation and potentially decreasing emotional distress or physical pain. All animal sessions are done remotely, so they can remain in the comfort of their own surroundings and are not exposed to a stranger when they are not feeling well.


Please contact me so we can discuss how to best address your pet's needs!

$97/60min session

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Never experienced a Biofield Tuning Session?
Join my Group Biofield Tuning Session
First Wednesday of every month at 7pm via ZOOM.
Only $17/Session

Returning in 2024!
For more information click HERE!

Contact me for a FREE 15-min phone consult.


In-person sessions held at:

The Radiant Soul

44 Main Street, Suite 206

Peterborough, NH 03458

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"I came to Deb because I was having issues with my first chakra. I was having trouble with my finances, physical health, and feeling safe being myself in the world. Deb listened to exactly what I was struggling with in a compassionate and understanding way. When looking at my chakras she could see the root of my first chakra issues. The chakra looked like a flattened flower and was not moving energy in the way it should. This was creating the fears I mentioned and prevented me from feeling grounded. She performed a chakra rebalance and complete reconstruction of my root chakra. After my session, I felt grounded and really present in my body. My fears finally felt like they had lessened their hold on me. Working with Deb allowed me to continue with my healing journey in a confident and down to earth way. It helped me to see how I was running the energy through my chakras and to make changes that are the most right for me at this time. I highly recommend booking a session!"


"My session with Deb was so much more than I expected! I had been having health problems that had not resolved with medical care.  After my session, I felt so much better!  I received so much information that gave me the clarity to understand what was causing my symptoms and how to resolve them.  Because I started feeling better immediately, the overwhelming weight of feeling sick all the time was gone and I have been able to move forward.  I'm looking forward to having many more sessions! And, sending everyone I know!”


"Deb guided me through an avenue of healing that was SO effective, relevant and transformative at a fundamental level.  Working with the energy fields, as she does (in Biofield Tuning), feels like medicine for the times, yet it feels as though Deb has been doing this work for lifetimes.  She is incredibly intuitive and skilled at what she does and remarkably down to earth.  If you are ready for real healing of baseline energetic patterns then I can't recommend Deb's work highly enough."


"I recently experienced a wonderful Biofield Tuning Session with Deb.  We chose to work together remotely.  Deb was so good at explaining what the session would entail and then was able to talk me through certain events during the session.  I have to say, through our conversation she was completely in tune with where and when I was feeling energy in my body.  I felt the clearings happening.  Deb’s intuitiveness during this unique session was highly accurate.  I always felt safe in sharing and that I was being nurtured.  I was aware the days afterwards where I felt clear areas in my field and body, that were now supporting me on a higher level.  It was a great experience.”


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